talia-head-shotI am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science Department at Haverford College. I also founded and direct Fishadelphia, a youth-centered community seafood program based in Philadelphia.

I study fish, fishing, and seafood in order to improve the conservation, management, and resilience of aquatic species and the human communities that depend on them.  My research has three major themes: (1) studying fish (especially trophic patterns using chemical tracers), (2) studying fish and humans (especially the relationship between commercial fishing and wild fish populations), and (3) building a more intersectional conservation movement.

I am currently studying adaptation, resilience, and vulnerability among fishing communities in the face of climate change, as well as the multidisciplinary implications of alternative seafood supply chains especially in pandemic times. My dissertation focused on trophic interactions among freshwater fish in Mongolia, pelagic predators in the Pacific Ocean, and jellyfish off the coast of New Jersey.

I used to teach high school science and have an ongoing interest in science pedagogy. I have mentored undergraduate projects on topics ranging from priority effects in commercial traps to mortality in catch-and-release fisheries. I work continuously to engage young people – especially youth of color and first-generation college students – in research.