Fishadelphia’s fall season opens 9/26!

Fishadelphia’s fall season starts 9/26! This year, we have TWO pickup locations: South Philly (Mastery Thomas: 927 Johnston Street) and North Philly (Gratz: 1798 West Hunting Park Avenue), plus a porch pickup in Kensington. We’re also piloting a finfish only package. Read more here and sign up here! If you use promo code BACK2SCHOOL before 9/13 you can get $5 off any regular-rate share.

We want to grow plant love

As part of an issue on “plant blindness,” the Plant Love Stories crew worked together to write this piece on why we choose not to use the term, and instead try to “grow plant love.” Go team!

C McDonough MacKenzie, S Kuebbing, RS Barak, M Bletz, J Dudney, BM McGill, MA Nocco, T Young, RK Tonietto. 2019. We do not want to “cure plant blindness” we want to grow plant love. Plants People Planet 1(2):1-3.